Online Channels

IH Booking - Online Channels of the Booking Engine

canales_online Since the implementation of IH Booking Engine in your website, your booking department will face the possibility of offering diffenrent kinds of capacities. The web channel will show the availability to the hotel's website, i.e. to the internet users, the travel agency channel and the corporate clients channel.

In this context, it is important to notice the possibility of offering different availabilitites for different situations. The fact of realising when will the hotel be visited by touirsts and, when will be more for business people will make these channels vary regarding the availability of each of them.

Every travel agency and company having agreement with the Hotel will be given a user and password; and with an assigned net rate will be able to make bookings according to the availability shown.

All the Online Channels


Web Channel
When you sale with rack rates, your profitability rises. Check which are the appropriate moments to offer more capacity to this channel.
Agency Channel
The agreements with retail and whole-sale agencies allow them to experience the comodity of finding availability in every moment.
Corporate Channel
In this more and more IT-based world with a corporate segment defining their travels at every minute, the best is to offer the companies the possibility of booking whenever they need.