Hotel's Extranet / Funtionalities

All in One Screen

extranet del hotelThe commercialization platform of IH BOOKING comprises a Control Pannel or Extranet from where you will upload the rates and availability, blocks, special offers, and where you will also see the bookings reports for channel and the amount of searchings performed from the booking system.
IH Booking will let access to several members, travel agents and corporate clients, thorugh a user and password, giving to each of them the net rates previously agreed. The system will also give to each member the statement of the checking account he holds with the hotel and the pending booking. Restrictions, extras of the rooms, pictures of the rooms, bookings policy and cancellation conditions, etc., can be managed from the IH Booking Extranet. You can create front users that will have limited functions comparing them with those of the administrator.

Comparative Advantajes

Other Comparative Advantajes

Rates Segments for Travel Agents and Corporate Clients
From the IH Booking Extranet the administrator can register as many members, travel agents and corporate clients as you desire. Creating different rate segments, retailer, wholesaler, etc., each member will get their net rate after logging in. When registering an agreement you will provide the member his user and password.
Kinds of users
The extranet of the IH Booking system will allow you to register two kind of users: administrator and front. The front user has some limited functionalities.
Customization of the Public View
From the Customization Tab the administrator of the IH Booking Extranet can adjust colours of the public view so as to maintain the corporate image of the hotel's website.