Channel Booking

What is a Manager Channel?

channelWebsites such as, Hotelbeds, Venerer, Expedia are nowadays one of the most important ways of making your rooms completely full all the time. The difficult part is that each of them has its own extranet and must be updated several times a day.
The fact of not selling a room at the appropriate moment because you are off line is something that can happen in any minute. To include it in every website may be a tough job. It takes time and resources from your company.
The UPDATE of all the websites with only one click is the solution proposed by the MANAGER CHANNEL of IH Booking Engine. Now you can have at your disposal all the availability online from the single Extranet. IH Booking has incorporated to its own extranet the IDS_GDS CHANNEL, from where there will be entitled as many tour operators as agreements you desire to celebrate.
Why showing your inventory only in Booking and if, at the same cost and effort, you can show all your rooms in 100 different search booking engines?

Why a Manager Channel?


Availability in all the Tour Operators you have agreement with.
Adjustment of availability in all the websites of the Manager Channel every time a booking is made.
Human Resources
Your booking departent will not grow indefinitely. Only one extranet for the management of all the tour operators.