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Hi!, I would like to let you know that we are a small familiar company offering loadgings in cabins for more than 15 years in San Rafael, Mendoza; where we look forward for offering "something" better to our guests so as to satisfy their needs , making our profit at the same time. Whitin all this is the contact through internet with our actual and potencial clients to offer them information about our facilities, services and, now, immidiate availability. This information has to be true, quick and reliable for both parts and it is important also, the possibility of accessing to it from anywhere if we have a computer or cell phone with internet service so as to make the booking in that very moment----- and that was the second when Daniel shown up, offering us the "online booking", a completely new service for us, already functioning and growing more and more every day, and accessible from anywhere through a computer. It took us a couple of months (no many though) to think through this proposal and it came a day when we decide to give it a try. Before noticing it, we were "on line"- It took longer for us to decide on the upload of the information, than the time it took to start having visits in our website. And from one minute to another, we had our "exciting" first booking.This booking encouraged us to be very confident of the efficiency of the system, something we confirm day by day, knowing that this will keep growing, because it is already in the air, and thouse who want a fast and confident answer resort to it. That is why we tell you: DON'T MISS THE CHANCE! Expectations are great. It depend on us the fruits to be harvested. We are here if you need any reference. Ask Daniel for our contac information. We hope to be usefull with our experience if you think it's ok. Dear colleague we send our respectful and considerate regards.

Since the implementation of IH Booking in the website of any hotel it is important to understand that a new way of selling is born. The analysis of the world tendencies about hotel's bookings, either for pleasure or business, indicate that the user is more and more connected to the internet, and his main preference is to make the hotel booking directly.

Besides these indicators, tour operators and retail travel agents are linked among them so as not to lose ground when facing this reality, finding new ways of catching the guests attention and, at the same time, being updated about the hotels which have immediate availability in order to satisfy the needs of their clients.

IH Booking offers the possibility of connecting to a world of opportunities. All the online channels in only one screen.

Revenue Management is the name given to the techniques used in order to maximize the incame we obtain from the rooms selling, and this is based on nothing less than supply and demand. It has its origins in the airline industry and it has successfully expanded to other ones such as hotel industry. The business is about selling the appropriate room at the right moment, to the proper rate in the suitable date. To sum up, the Revenue is the maximization of the income by means of the effficient management of a perishable asset through the determination of the selling price and the control of the Inventory .

Once he accesses the hotel's website and finds the "Booking" button in a very visual spot , the user will meet the platform of the online booking engine of IH Booking. It is advisable to locate the "Booking" or "Immediate Booking" button in the header of the website, and also in each one of the screens that are part of it. In the booking screen, the guest enters the date of check-in, the date of check-out, how many rooms, and how many adults and kids. The result is the availability the hotel offers based on the data provided.

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IH Booking has added to its CRS, its online booking engine for hotel's websites, a fourth channel for online sells. The addition of a completely integrated Manager Channel is the most important step taking into account the amount of integrated tour operators and the visibility of the inventory of the hotels worldwide. In this way, it has reached levels of the most recognised online selling systems of Latinamerica. Now, IH Booking has a very noticeable advantage in a very competitive market: the hotel has the possibility of adding as many websites as they desire, and improve the quantity of bookings due to a more effective management of all its agreements.

Have you ever thought about quitting making agreements with websites and tour operators because your staff lacks of time to do it? Now you can update all of them with only one click. A good manager channel improves evidently the revenue of your hotel just because it allows to update all the websites at the same time. It prevents oversights, neglections and overbookings.

In a world that is more and more globalized, more competitive and, at the same time, with more unsteady markets, nothing better than resort to a manager channel. Besides, if the selected system noy only comprises the main booking engines worldwide, but it is also fully integrated to a booking system for the hotel's website, much better.